Quality Division

Quality Division
The Quality Division is responsible for managing the quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard and managing all forms in the company through coding and stamping which are prepared by the company's formations for the purpose of simplifying the procedures. The company's procedures have resulted in obtaining ISO certificates from FEXEL & Central Standardization and Quality Control for the application of ISO-9001: 2008).
The company is currently seeking through the Quality Division to meet the requirements of ISO to assist in organizing the procedures and events and to increase the continuous improvement of the company's activities and activities, in addition to implementing the requirements and procedures of the transition to the modern version of the ISO / ) To be one of the pillars of the Integrated Management System (IMS), especially after the acquisition of a number of employees of the company (11) Eleven certificate in the internal audit of the quality system issued by the modern company ((MTS.

Current possibilities

1. Ensure that all quality processes are implemented correctly
2. Development and improvement of the quality system
3- Conducting external audit on the Ministry's formations as per the request of the Ministry's annual plan
4. Prepare a plan to review the system
5. Review and update system documents
6. Data analysis
7 - Holding courses and lectures on the quality system
8. Internal audit of the company's departments