Projects Department

projects Department
One of the formations of the company, which plays an important role in its work in terms of increasing employment opportunities and resources through projects implemented by the section within the required technical specifications.
The department has set up a number of work mechanisms by which all the works are fully controlled by the technical, technical and civil divisions of the department.
The department is assigned by the other departments of the company both within its competence.

Current capabilities of the Technical Division and the Technical Division

1. Contribute to the issuance of executive (technical and financial) plans for projects
2. Approval of the preparation of the engineering card and the time schedule of the projects referred
3. Follow-up of projects and issuing monthly progress reports
4. Contribute to preparing the annual reports of the Financial Control Bureau
5. Contribution to the solicitation and pricing of tenders
6. Submission and pricing of tenders
7. Participate in the processing of materials and equipment

Current capabilities of the Civil Department

1. Contributing to the pricing of construction and architectural works
2. Provide executive consultancy in the fields of architecture and construction
3. Solving all technical problems related to all architectural and construction works during the implementation stages

Current and previous work under these possibilities
1. Provide support in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the old Mosul bridge
2. Work in the school project
3. Implementation of the civil, mechanical and electrical works for the second Fadhiliya station project
4. Processing materials for the refinery of the session
5. Completing projects belonging to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Oil
6. Installation, installation and operation of the sixth unit at Al-Qayara Refinery
7. Preparation and implementation of the supplementary work of the sixth unit at the Qayyarah refinery
8. Implementation of the construction and construction of 12 tanks in the refinery Kisk
9. Execution of erection and construction of 10 tanks in the Chinese refinery
10. Expansion of industrial water transactions in the fat refinery
11. Rehabilitation of the old sand filters unit at Salah El-Din Refinery