Planning and Follow Up Department

Planning and follow-up department
One of the formations of the company which has an important role in its work in terms of developing programming plans for the company's activities and all activities and follow-up implementation according to the financial plan and the engineering card and the protection and control of the company's material resources through follow-up implementation of the working procedures in place and control the financial expenditure on all the company's projects and the application of procedures Professional safety and securing the requirements and the preparation of training plans and organize the participation of cadres in internal and external training courses and self-effort and the number of software and systems related to the company's work.

- Tasks of the Planning Division:

1- Preparation of the financial and statistical report of the company (quarterly and annual), which includes a detailed position on each project related to technical, financial, contractual, work progress and other aspects.
2- To monitor the implementation of the executive financial plans for all projects of the company.
3. Owning a detailed and accurate database for all previous and current projects.
4- Contributing to the reports of the Financial Control Bureau.
5- Organizing and preparing the forms of exchange and settlement for all projects.
6 - Controlling the expenses and revenues of projects and the preparation of their positions.

- Tasks of the Follow-up Division:

1- Preparing reports on the detailed positions of all projects.
2 - Follow-up implementation of time programming for projects and submit work positions periodically to the headquarters of the Ministry.
3 - Conduct field visits to work sites and follow up the implementation procedures according to the plan.
4 - identify the obstacles to work for projects and follow-up treatments.

- Tasks of the Environment and Occupational Safety Division:

1. To monitor the application of the requirements of safe work in the sites and follow up the good implementation to reduce work injuries.
2 - Training the employees of the company on the principles of environmental protection and occupational health and safety and fire fighting during work.
3 - Conduct periodic inspections of the water of the company and the extent of conformity and suitability for use.
4 - Follow-up procedures of periodic inspection of firefighters to ensure their validity.
5- Preparing environmental impact reports for the company's fixed sites.
6 - Follow-up procedures for the periodic inspection of safety procedures at the company's headquarters from the alarm and emergency exits.
7. Follow-up the procedures for applying the occupational safety and health management system in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001;
8. Follow up the procedures of implementing the environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001; 2015.
9 - Conduct medical examination for the company's employees, especially those working in foreign work sites.
10- Supplying the employees of the projects and the external sites and the headquarters of the company with professional safety equipment and supplies.
11. Preparing and designing safety and environmental warning posters and distributing them on sites.

- Functions of the Software and Systems Unit:

1 - The number of systems and software to accelerate the work according to the need of the company.
2 - The preparation of specialized courses in computer systems and software.
3 - Developing and improving the performance of the software and systems in force.

- Engineering Card Unit Functions:

1- To control the implementation of projects according to the engineering card approved for them and control the processing of materials and all competencies and for each project.
2 - control of the movement of warehouse materials (central stores).
3 - control the movement of personal safety materials and equipment for workers.

- Tasks of the Training Unit:

1- To develop the performance of the employees of the company and to prepare the requirements of their training and qualification and raise their efficiency within and outside the company through the preparation of the comprehensive training curriculum.
2. Organizing the training of students of colleges and institutes in the company's departments during the summer vacation for the current academic season.
3 - Preparing the requirements for the establishment of courses and lectures by self-effort.