Mechanism Department

Machine Section
One of the important formations of the company which plays an important and essential role in terms of the implementation and mechanical processing assigned to the department, which is proud of the company as well as the implementation or assigning to the rest of the sections within the approved technical specifications in addition to the concrete concrete production of the projects of the civil company as well as many external parties and management Mechanisms of the company and transmission lines for the members.

Current section capabilities
1. Manufacturing of tributaries
2. Manufacture of fuel tanks
3. Manufacturing silos
4. Rehabilitation of various mechanical equipment
5. Manufacturing multiple caravans
6. Implementation of the works of packaging for facades of buildings
7. Production of concrete concrete
8. Performing civil, mechanical and electrical works

The current work of the Section under these possibilities

1. Mechanical support for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the old Mosul railway bridge
2. Packaging the facades of the oil tanker company buildings
3. Implementation of the cooling tower in Basra
4. Equipped with reinforced concrete
5. Implementation of Al-Ahrar station for fuel processing in Kut

Engineering Workshops

The company owns two engineering workshops in Al Nahda area and the second in Al-Saydia area, employing the design and manufacturing capabilities for the production of non-standard equipment and systems with high efficiency based on the associates who work in it (permanent owners, contracts and daily wages) in various engineering and technical specialties. All sections of the company are currently providing support to the projects of the company and the rest of the formations of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and a number of ministries.
The engineering workshops have a number of machines and equipment such as rolling machine, welding machines, oxygen cutting machines, electric brake scissors, oxygen system, welding machines, etc. Although the possibility of this equipment is limited (technically and numerically) Or an obstacle to the great achievements of these workshops such as:
• Manufacturing of tanks, silos, dryers and central depots with Hamorabi contracts.
• The rehabilitation and manufacture of fuel tanks capacity of 55 m3 and a total of (22) tank for the projects of the company.
• Manufacturing of water tanks capacity (50) m 3 and the number of (3) tanks in addition to the manufacture (31) platform with quarries and stairs for the projects of the company.
• Manufacturing multi-purpose caravans and spaces for the benefit of the Ministry's companies.
• Reconstruction and rehabilitation of bridges (old iron bridge, Al-Muthanna Bridge and Qarbatba Bridge).
• Manufacturing of iron molds.
Participate strongly in the reconstruction of the old Mosul bridge.

Central latticework

The company has central foils in the first two locations in the area of Sidiyeh and the second in the refinery site (temporary) where it is hoped to transfer to the site of Sidya at the request of the Directorate of the refinery to move the bakery outside the limits of the refinery.
The company is currently preparing the projects of the company in Doura refinery as well as in the Fadhilia area concrete concrete for the project (the second power station for the benefit of the Ministry of Electricity), which is implemented by the company in addition to the projects of other companies and the private sector.