Ibn Younis Center

Ibn Younis Center
One of the designs of the design company and specializes in the preparation of designs and engineering consultancy, mechanical and thermal preparation of feasibility studies for technical projects as well as the preparation of reports and technical studies of various projects and supervision of the implementation of some technological projects and the establishment of courses that are within the competence of the work of the Center because it has the potential design can enter into projects Design.

Current capabilities of the Specialized Equipment Division

1. Calculations and designs for each of the systems (vacuum, compressed air and ovens)
2. Supervising the manufacturing and erection of equipment
3. Preparation of precise motion systems designs
4. Designs and thermal calculations for industrial equipment such as ovens and exchanges
5. Designs of electric furnaces and furnaces of heat torches

Current capabilities of the Industrial Equipment Division

1. Designs of reservoirs, towers, vessels and heat exchangers
2. Designs of structures, bridges, bridges and bridges
3. Gear boxes and engine designs
4. Conveyor equipment designs
5. Heat exchanger designs
6. Select metals for equipment

Current capabilities of the Pipeline Division

1. Preparing designs and schedules of quantities for pipelines
2. Issuing detailed plans for the pipeline track
3. Preparing the designs of the pipe supports
4. Issuing mechanical completion certificates and engineering examination requirements
5. Preparing the quantities tables for pipes and accessories
6. Issuing technical specifications for pumps and accessories
7. Supervising the manufacturing, erection and execution of the various technological projects and issuing the certificates of mechanical completion and engineering examination requirements.