Department of Business Affairs

Department of Business Affairs
One of the company's formations which deals with the management of the local and import purchase of the materials needed by the company, as well as the storage and disposal of the material belonging to the company through the management of the central warehouses in the area of the Renaissance (shading + external arena) with a total area (4576 m2)and prtal frame (1113 m2) and an external area (3463 m2), as well as follow-up and control of the work of sub-warehouses belonging to external sites.

Possibilities of the current section

1- Announcement of tenders and follow-up of their procedures
2. Follow up the implementation of commercial contracts
3. Execution of purchase orders
4 - Provide suitable places to store all the materials that are secured for the sections and projects of the company

current work

1- Follow up all stages of the tender announcement (declaration, opening and assignment)
2. Follow-up to all stages of the contract
3 - Supervising the work of the committees to provide materials and services
4 - delivery of the stored materials to the requesting parties in accordance with the contexts approved for that