Completion of the service buildings project 100%

Saad General Company completes the project of the service buildings for the benefit of the Ministry of Oil 100% under the guidance and continuous follow-up by the management of Saad General Company, represented by the Director General of the company, Engineer Sadeq Mohamed Hassan, completed the engineering and technical staff of Saad General Company - one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, General - the implementation of the service buildings, in favor of the Central Refineries Company, affiliated to the Ministry of Oil, with an achievement rate of 100%. "The project, which has a contractual cost of two billion seven hundred and fifty million dinars, includes the implementation of civil, health and electrical works for three service buildings: Civil Engineering Department, Health Clinic and Children's Kindergarten," said General Manager Sadeq Mohammed Hassan. . He added: "The building of the Department of Civil Engineering consists of a number of administrative offices and a room for information and health services The building of the health clinic consists of a number of medical laboratories, doctors rooms, reception rooms for patients, pharmacy and room for information, in addition to health services. From a number of halls, management rooms and stores, as well as health services. " Saad has already carried out several important strategic projects for the Ministry of Oil and its subsidiaries, and has also implemented several projects for the Middle Refineries Company, such as the civil works project for the hydrogen production project, the project of processing, And the civil works project for the roads surrounding the reservoirs. It is currently implementing two other projects for the company, such as the CCR civil works project and the civil works project for the cooling water pipe network for light oil and energy units.