Meeting of the Board of Directors of Saad General Company Session 10 / Third Year / Fifth Session
Saad General Assembly Meeting
10th / 3rd / 5th sessions

The Board of Directors of Saad General Company held its tenth / third year / fifth session, in the presence of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and directors of the departments.
At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board welcomed the attendees and thanked him and the Board of Directors and all the employees of the Company for their continuous support to Saad General Company, which was recently reflected in the approval of His Excellency to work on the proposed amendments to the contracts for public companies. Was approved by the Board of Directors of the Company, as well as the approval of His Excellency to transfer engineering workshops and their cadres to Saad General Company in support of the company and to contribute to the expansion of the scope and diversity of its infrastructure.
This was followed by a review and discussion of the most important paragraphs discussed at the meeting of the previous session of the Opinion Committee, and the resolutions and recommendations adopted thereon. The meeting was also reviewed at the meeting of the Minister of Finance, chaired by the Directors of the self-financing formations held on 16/4/2019, directed to follow these directives, which were as follows:
- The need to confirm the development of a course of transactions, and follow-up without delay, and at specific times, taking into account the approved legal contexts, where the quality form prepared by the company for this purpose was presented and directed to act accordingly.
- Emphasize the need to pay attention to the quality of the work carried out and in accordance with the approved international standards, as well as interest in the work of termination and in order to ensure the durability and rigidity of work carried out after the final delivery, emphasizing the commitment to the contractual times of the projects implemented.
- The President of the Council, in accordance with the directives of His Excellency, directed the following sections: (Projects, Mechanisms, Productivity and Warnings) to prepare a special study for the establishment of low-cost houses, to be ready if the company enters projects in this field.
The topics were also discussed on the agenda of the board of directors meeting, which included reviewing the decisions of the previous session and the actions taken by the concerned departments.
- The President of the Council expressed his thanks and appreciation to Mr. Haitham Abdel Halim, Director of the Wafer Department and his staff, for their outstanding efforts in completing the designs of the rehabilitation of the old Musayyib Bridge and following up on its implementation and finding the solutions and treatments required to be removed as soon as possible. Done in coordination with other relevant departments in the company
The Council directed the preparation of documents for the receipt of all school projects executed by the company (traditional construction schools and prefabricated schools) in order to submit them to the South Refineries Company as a realistic achievement that supports the company's ability to implement the similar construction projects required by South Refineries Company. Director General of the South Refineries Company, during his recent field visit to the projects carried out by Saad General Company for the said company.
- The President of the Council praised the participation of the company's information team in the 16th Trade Fair of the OIC Member States and its participation as a representative of the Ministry alongside Arab and international companies, highlighting its projects in the fields of oil, construction and infrastructure, as well as reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in the regions. Edited.
- The President of the Council praised the efforts of engineering and technical cadres in all the projects implemented by the company, directed to the need to intensify efforts to achieve them within the specified contractual times.
- The President of the Council directed the procedures to resolve the issue of self-sufficiency projects, which the company has already implemented for the Ministry of Defense judicially, after ascertaining the possibility of reaching consensual solutions with the Ministry of Defense to collect the financial dues of the company that was the beneficiary of the beneficiary.
- The President of the Council directed the procedures for the preparation of the nomination of employees to the Board of Directors of the Company, relating to the generalization of the rules and conditions of nomination.
- The Council discussed the issue of granting professional allowances to employees of the company who are not covered by any other professional allocations, directed at the identification of the relevant job titles and the rules of granting them according to what is done at the Ministry's headquarters, while seeking to include the largest number of job titles in support of employees who do not receive professional allowances, .
- At the end of the meeting, the Board discussed a number of organizational matters related to the company's course of action and made the necessary recommendations for improving performance.