Meeting of the Board of Directors of Saad General Company 9th Session / Third Year / Fifth Session
The Board of Directors of Saad General Company held its ninth / third year / fifth session, in the presence of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and Directors of the departments.
At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board welcomed the attendees and thanked all the shareholders and committees for receiving the Integrated System Management System (IMS) certificate, which includes ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS18001 : 2007, and is one of the most prevalent systems and one of the most important requirements of the main competition in the global markets, stressing that the implementation of the Integrated Management System at Saad General, will be a mark of performance, and contribute to support locally and internationally, and qualify to enter the Partnerships with Arab companies As well as enhancing the confidence of its employees and the confidence of its stakeholders.
- The Chairman of the Board of Directors referred to the circulation of one of the pillars of the Al-Khuser stone bridge, saying that the damaged pillar was not part of the specific works included in the reconstruction of the said bridge. We did not protect the old pillars for fear of potential damage as a result of the floods and the continued proximity of the area near the subsidies because they are outside the contractual mandate of our company, and were addressed to the Department of Roads and Bridges, which in turn addressed the province of Mosul Kun that the river Khoser is within the duties of the province, Was taken seriously at the time, and the appropriate action was not taken. The President of the Council addressed the following:
- A team of specialized experts in the company to view the site on the bridge and assess the damage and identify the treatments required.
- Formulating all official documents and communications that prove that the company is alerting to the risk of not addressing the said pillar, and confirming its taking the necessary measures to overcome it, for the purpose of presenting these documents to the concerned authorities if necessary.

- Followed by a review and discussion of the most important paragraphs discussed at the meeting of the previous session of the opinion body (second session on 5/3/2019), and the resolutions and recommendations taken on them.
The topics were also discussed on the agenda of the board of directors meeting, which included reviewing the decisions of the previous session and the actions taken by the concerned departments.

- The President of the Council stressed the need to intensify the efforts of engineering and technical cadres working in the rehabilitation projects of the old Musayyib bridge and the rehabilitation of the Mosul II Bridge. He stressed the necessity of combining the efforts of the company's employees in order to accomplish them within the specified time and specifications, Because of their strategic importance, and of legal value for the people of the two cities.
- The President of the Council praised the efforts exerted by the cadres working in the project of implementing the rehabilitation of the pedestrian corridors and the internal street of Ibn Rushd College of the University of Baghdad for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in a record period. In the hearts of our fatherly and humanitarian cadres, by embarking on any profitable accounts, since this project is service and humanitarian and it is detrimental to the provision of courses and aspects of the appropriate study environment, to serve our teaching cadres and our students, and this was reflected in the completion of the project with the help of God in 14 days only.
- The President of the Council praised the efforts exerted by the cadres working in the project of implementing the cooling tower unit at Shuaiba Refinery, which is implemented by the Company in favor of South Refineries Company, affiliated to the Ministry of Oil. As well as the efforts of cadres working in the project of rehabilitation and installation of refining units in Baiji refinery, which is implemented by the company for the North Refinery Company, which is also part of the Ministry of Oil, after completion of the installation of the fat separator (CPI), as well completion of the works of civil works remaining from the original contract of the project, And to obtain the support of the inspection and receipt by the resident engineer. The efforts of the workers in the implementation of the power plant of Fadhiliyah were also commended and the need to complete them on time.
- The Council discussed the issue of holding the elections for the sixth session of the Board of Directors of the company and set the date of 19/5/2019 as the date of its establishment instead of the previous date that was specified on 18/6 of this year.
- The Council approved the amendment to the proposals for the implementation of government contracts, submitted by the Committee to amend the proposals for the implementation of contracts for public companies, and its minutes signed on 13/3/2019, and also directed the President of the Council to the headquarters of the Ministry for the purpose of obtaining the approval of the Minister.
- The President of the Council discussed the procedures of the report on self-sustainment projects, which the company has already implemented for the Ministry of Defense, and reviewed the latest developments of the procedures and discussions that were used in order to obtain all the financial dues of the company from the beneficiary.
- The Board also discussed a number of organizational directives related to the course of work in the company and made the necessary recommendations in order to improve performance.