Al Wadah Center

Al wadah center
One of the most important consultative bodies at the level of the Ministry and is a pioneer in the field of its specialization. It has always proved its ability to satisfy the beneficiaries and gain its confidence, giving it a distinctive character and a place in the field of design, design, engineering and supervision. Consulting and supervision within its strict engineering field.
The department has prepared engineering designs and consultations for all the company's various projects such as designs (residential complexes, hospitals, electricity towers, telecommunications and government sites) through its specialized engineering staff and supporting a technical cadre specialized in engineering drawings using computers. For example, The building of the Independent Electoral Commission consists of (15) floors in addition to the ground floor and basement by self-effort, where this building is characterized by high altitude in addition to the accompanying architectural and structural complications in addition to the designs of Fortified walls, which provides a security and fortified part of this building in a manner that does not affect its beauty, which is in itself an achievement for the company.

Current capabilities of the Electricity Division

1. Preparing the electrical designs according to the international standard specifications
2. Selection of electrical materials and equipment suitable for climatic conditions
3. Preparation of initial and detailed reports
4. Providing consultancy and engineering supervision
5. Checking the designs prepared by other parties
6. Preparing and pricing schedules of quantities of electrical works
7. Designs and specifications of lighting systems, sockets, electrical panels, ground systems and lightning protection

The current capabilities of the Construction Division

1. Conduct calculations, analyzes and construction designs for residential and service complexes projects
2. Preparing the schedules of quantities for construction works and pricing
3. Preparation of technical specifications and technical reports for construction works
4. Consulting and engineering supervision
5. Checking the designs prepared by other parties

Current capabilities of the Mechanics Division

1. Preparation of preliminary designs and design reports for the basis of mechanical systems
2. Preparation of calculations of thermal loads of buildings
3. Pipe and air duct design for air conditioning
4. Providing consultancy and engineering supervision
5. Checking the designs prepared by other parties
6. Calculating and preparing mechanical scales of quantities and pricing
7. Preparation of preliminary accounts for water systems and fire extinguishing systems
8. Pipes designs of cold and hot water systems
9. Design of heavy water and rain streams
10. Design of networks of fire extinguishing systems
11. Calculations of quantities tables and their pricing for health and fire works

The current possibilities of architectural unit

1. Preparing preliminary and detailed architectural designs
2. Preparation of architectural technical specifications reports
3. Preparation of Quoted and Unquoted Quotations for Architectural Works
4. Providing consultancy and engineering supervision
5. Checking the designs prepared by other parties
6. Participation in competitions and conferences design and research

Current capabilities of the Intelligent Systems and Early Warning Unit

1. Preparation of designs for IT units, including CCTV cameras, fire alarm systems, communications and the Internet
2. Preparing technical specifications reports for smart systems
3. Preparing and pricing the final quantities tables
4. Preparing designs, specifications and quantities schedules for modern control devices according to international standards
5. Provide consultancy and engineering supervision
6. Checking the designs prepared by others

The current possibilities of the guessing unit

1. Preparing the project's quantitative tables of estimates
2. Pricing of quantities tables
3. Pricing of speculative quantities tables for external tenders