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About us ..
a. Profile: Saad General Company - one of the companies currently owned by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities under the Companies Law No. 22 of 1997 based on the Ministry of Commerce No. 130 on 18/4/1998 ... is an extension of a formation that was known as the "General Establishment" For designs and consulting. " Saad General Company is a specialized engineering company that deals with the design, implementation and management of engineering projects in both its technological and construction sectors. It is an independent economic unit that operates in a self-financing system. It carries out its various activities based on the accumulated experience of its 496 employees, Administrative and financial resources, and is constantly striving to enhance its potential to become the leader in applying the latest organizational and operational methods and procedures in all areas of its general and detailed fields. The company currently has no branch other than its head office in Baghdad province. During the coming period, a branch of the company is being opened in Basrah Governorate, while it is designing and executing projects for various ministries and state departments throughout most of the country's governorates.

B. Vision: The company seeks to become a leading and growing force in the design, implementation and management of engineering projects by enhancing their competitiveness and facing challenges and seize all opportunities and possibilities for achieving long-term growth with the development of everything that is new and useful in the field of specialization in favor of building a new Iraq.

C. The company's mission is to act responsibly, to take innovation and innovation, to provide services to the community, and to contribute to the building of the new State of Iraq through its contributions to the design and implementation of projects for various ministries and government departments.

D. Objectives of the Company: The company aims to achieve the following: - Contribute to support the national economy in the industrial field and the ages and in order to achieve the objectives of the state plan. - Create a national base, with high specifications in the field of design, implementation, supervision, consulting and manufacturing. - To develop and transfer technological knowledge and localization. E. Company strategy: - To create training opportunities and equal development for all employees of the company. - instilling the concept of quality among the employees of the company culture, thought and practice. - Continuous and constructive communication with all our partners and clients to ensure sustainability of interaction, trust and partnership. - Stimulate initiatives of excellence and creativity. And. The company's core values: - Commitment to the highest ethical standards and full integrity in work based on trust and responsibility. - Excellence in providing the best services. - Adoption of new ideas and adaptation to the variables. - Giving due attention to society and employees. - Absolute commitment to the highest quality standards.