Saad General Company completes the building of the gas filling company's information building in Taji ...

Saad General Company completes the project of building the information of the gas filling company in Taji 100% Saad General Company - one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities - completed the construction of the information building for the gas filling company in Taji of the Ministry of Oil by 100%. The project, which has a contractual cost of JD (552,886,800), includes the demolition of the old information building and the establishment of a new information building consisting of two floors. It will include rooms for distribution and follow-up and a comprehensive health package for all electrical and health services and networks. Gas filling and an architectural facade applied to the elicobond panels. Saad Company has already completed the Ministry of Oil several projects that are of strategic importance in the field of oil projects, such as the implementation of the third unit to improve gasoline, which entered the active service in 2014 and the civil works of the third unit of refining and LPG tanks for the company South refineries. The company is currently implementing other projects for the Ministry of Oil, such as the rehabilitation of the premises of the General Headquarters of the General Company for oil tankers, in the province of Basra and the project to establish a fuel station Al-Ahrar government for the distribution of petroleum products branch Wasit and the project buildings for the benefit of the Central Oil Company. Saad General company 16/1/2017